Saturday, February 22, 2014

Smm Smm Cards!

If you want to invoke a very wicked, depraved, Satanic demon in your soul, your house, or anywhere else then here is a direct way you can invoke the Smm Smm demon. He is waiting for you in the form of four tiny braille black Smm Smm cards. Smm Smm wants you to buy four of them to equal Smm Smm Smm Smm. You can read the Smm Smm story to see everything that Smm Smm has to offer. HAIL SATAN!!!!!!!!! HAIL SMM SMM!!!!!!!!!

Buy them here:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Buy the Smm Smm Story!

You can now buy my stories at my Satanic Store! They are all hand-bound by the Antichris, so not everything is available yet. But you can start serving me by serving my Demon Smm Smm! Why is this story $40? That's how much Smm Smm told me to charge! Now buy Smm Smm Smm Smm of them if you don't want to be eternally cursed with nine plagues! Hail SATAN!!!!!!!!! HAIL SMM SMM!!!!!!!!!

Holy Phone Abuse!

This guy REALLY wants to "save" me! But no one can EVER exorcize my demons! How did he get my number? Maybe I shouldn't have called him back, but the Devil made me do it! If you want to "save" me too, just leave a message at 360-930-9285. Hail SATAN!!!!!!!!!