Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Boy, have I sure hit a nerve with Jennifer!

HAIL SATAN!!!!!!!!!


Dear Daddy,

As I knew she would, she read my most recent posts, through and
through. Obviously, Jennifer was gravely disturbed by what she read,
for she felt compelled to email me, forgetting that I have a very
strong habit of publishing content that I find rather entertaining.

Of course, she made herself out to be the victim in her email to me as
you will see: the email she sent me will be the next post down from
this one, so keep scrolling.

I don't know how she has made herself believe that I make you out to
sound like a Satanist, Daddy, but, apparently, she is HIGHLY disturbed
by my letters to you. All the more reason to keep it up.

Jennifer also says that she won't read my blog anymore.

Like I believe THAT one!

Anyway, please enjoy her email: I'm sure you will. I have done, and am
continuing to do, what you asked of me before you died. To haunt her
days in a way that you are unable to do, for making most of your adult
days, when you were alive, a living, breathing, hell that lead you
down the dark, windy, rocky, destructive path of booze and drugs that,
inevitably, lead to your ultimate demise.

HAIL SATAN!!!!!!!!!


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